Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Take the bull by the horns, and don't let go.

Some moments don't come around a second or third time around. They come, They offer, and then they leave. Will you grasp the moment at hand, or just watch it ride into the town of "what could have beens"?

I've decided to turn over a whole new leave this season. I've let too many moments come, and offer, then leave. Now, my plan is to see less moments in that town, "what could have beens", and alot more in "what have beens".

My friend posted and urgent message on facebook. Pleading for runners! I thought, "well hey...I run...kinda". I decided to get more into. Turns out I got ALOT more into it.

Red Rock Relay.
A course in Southern Utah that stretches acrossed 185 miles of land! Talk about a Bad Booty Run. There are 12 members on a team, each member runs three legs....not too bad right? (we'll see, I haven't ran it yet).
Did I mention we'll be in Southern Utah? aka desert? It's not called Red Rock Relay for nothin'. Boiling Red Rock under your feet, blazing UV rays from the sun above! Running 185 miles as a team over a course of 2 Days! This looked so intense I just couldn't say no. This, is the start to my new beginning.

Baptism by Fire. It'll be hot. It'll be painful. But when my team and I get to that finish line, I know that I will become victorious. There will be no thought of what could have beens then.

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