Sunday, April 15, 2012

A little inpiration

Hey everyone, so i apologize i haven't been posting anything for, forever and a day now. it's been kinda boring. but I am inspired now so lets get to some blogging!

alrighty, a brief synopsis of what i've up to. making some sweeto new friends, work, and work, and that's about. boring right? who wants to write about that mumbo jumbo. I've been stuck in a rut and its been really depressing. my life started becoming routine, and gray. gay ey? i mean...dumb ey?

but then i met some super cool new friends, who help me find joy and happiness, and really just remind me why we're all here. a week ago my friends and i went up to the jordan river temple. one of my friends i went with that was her favorite temple and she wanted to go before leaving for school the next week. so we went.
it was so beautiful that day. everything was perfect. the warm weather, the blue sky and the white clouds, i literally could feel the suns rays. everything at the temple was glowing. what a blessing to have gone that day. while we where there we took pictures and walked around the temple. I took one of my friend while she was staring up at the temple. it was inspiring. and i hope if she reads this, she doesn't kill me for sharing this. but i wrote a poem along with the picture i wanted share with everyone.

Your House
by Michelle Jensen (me) :)

Let me draw near unto Your house, oh Lord
Allow me in those sacred doors;
The world is a dark and scary place
I pray, let me into Your embrace;

The trials of this life are overwhelming
At times I am not sure what I am doing;
Let me draw from Your spring of water
that I may never thirst, Your daughter;

There is a heaven on earth
I have been taught since birth;
a little girl, each day I'd say
I will go inside someday!

Its seems so close to me
where I stand, Your temple I see;
I plan to live worthily
for my eternal family.

There is a heaven on earth
I have been taught since birth;
your little girl, each day I say
I will go inside someday!