Friday, September 30, 2011


...I really wanted to blog about today, but when I start typing...words are few and far. I've probably have used the back space button more times on this post then anything I have ever written.

I know that people can change...I know, because I changed. All it is, is attitude.

Stop saying the "I can't" phrase, because that is a lie.
Stop saying, "It's too late", because that is a lie
Stop saying, "why? I'm already bound for hell", because that is a lie.
Stop saying, "how can someone who has done so much wrong change". because THAT is a lie
Just stop.
All it is, is your attitude.

I had that attitude for a really really long time. I lost a lot of things because of it. I was losing more than I was gaining. I got to a point where there was nothing else to lose so I decided to change my attitude and gain a little bit.
...That little bit started with a simple prayer. which in return I got a settled mind.
...That settled mind became organized, which helped me throw out the bad in my life.
...Throwing out the bad in my life, led me to the fact that I could be happy with out all the mess, which gave me simplicity.
...That simplicity gave me the courage to act.
...That courage to act, lead me to more prayers, and repentance
...That repentance, lead me to the fact that God loves all men, and gave me the testimony of Jesus Christ, and the power of the atonement.
...That testimony of Christ lead me to have a desire to do all I could to be worthy to live with him again.
...And that desire to want to live worthly with god again...helped me become worthy to get a temple recommend for baptisms for the dead.
...Which is what I did today with one of my best friends who has been there for the troubled me, and the me I am today, She has definately been one of the biggest influences on my attitude. Never in my entire life has my soul felt so at peace, and accomplished.
...and to think now, I wonder what took me so long to have a change of heart.
All it was, was attitude.

How's your attitude?

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