Friday, December 30, 2011

The Solution to Resolutions

today is the day before the day, before the new year... wait, what?
today is the day before new years eve!
what is the 1st thing that pops into my head when someone says new years? RESOLUTIONS!
New year resolutions are great things, they bring some new spunk to the up coming year right? they  rekindle the Hope to make a difference in your life. its possible!
i have my list of resolutions as most people do;

Train for a half marathon in idaho
read from the scriptures everyday
read a talk or message from a general authority every sunday
when i think negative about someone, think of two positive things about them (including myself)
spend more time at the gym (guilty)
cut back off the dr. pepper (this will be the hardest one of them all!)

If I can do everything on that list, my life will definatley take a turn for the better.

now, I'm not perfect. unfortunately. so I know that I won't always be running, reading, studying, thinking positive, working out, or drinking water instead of dr. pepper! kind of a bummer. what happens then?..i've messed up. i'm not going to ever achieve that goal. WRONG!

wise words from Michael Jordan, "If you're trying to achieve, there will be roadblocks. I've had them; everybody has had them. But obstacles don't have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don't turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it."

the best thing about a new year, is that there are 365 new beginnings. yeah, you messed up on your resolution. so? strive for a better tomorrow! the solution to our failed resolutions is taking advantage of the small new beginnings everyday. recommit every night to what you know will create a life you long after. never get discouraged on your progress.

every night after my nightly routine, i just lay in my bed with the light on. i think on the day which has now past...what was good, and what was bad. Then I think about what I'll continue to do good, and what I can strive to do better. I turn off the light and say aloud,

"here's to a better tomorrow"

Saturday, December 17, 2011

spreading holiday cheer


it's a wonderful time of the year. full of giving, good tidings and cheer. it's a season of joy, peace, and love. it's a holiday to celebrate our savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.

I love Christmas! it's my favorite holiday. but for some reason...I hadn't been getting into the christmas spirit this year like i would have hoped. I had everything crossed off my list. greeting cards, check. presents, check. updated, not quite. I was set for christmas. But it did not feel like christmas was a week away. what's up with that? I started wondering why christmas wasn't feeling all that great.

I had a relief society christmas lunch with my ward today. the bishops wife spoke, and asked us to remember a christmas that you remember, and what made it so great...
 Christmas 2005, my family and I traveled up to idaho to spend the holiday with my grandparents. I remember getting a koala bear beanie baby from my grandma Jensen. I loved that beanie baby. I remember this christmas and that beanie baby distinctly because it was the last christmas i ever had with my grandma. she past away two months later.
Christmas 2010, my family and I traveled up once again to idaho. this time however, we traveled up to our family cabin. we snow shoed into the cabins with all our gear. my dad had a christmas tree lit and it was nice to have family around. the best part about that chirstmas, was walking over to our cabin neighbor maraline who lives up there year round, with some treats and to sing some carols. that was the first time she has had carolers in decades.
the bishops wife made an excellent analogy. "its not the places or the gifts that makes the holiday special, but the people."

i remember christmas '05 because it was the last christmas i enjoyed with my grandma jensen.
christmas '10 was important to me because my family and i brought joy to our friend and neighbor who was alone on christmas.

what you do for others, and what you do with your loved ones make the holiday bright.

I am grateful for that lesson from the bishops wife. it really set the tone for me, and got me in the right mind set for christmas. I hope and pray everyone spreads holiday cheer, whether be by word or by action. no one should be left giftless this christmas season. its all about giving of ones self to make another's life seem a bit brighter. i am thankful for jesus christ, and this holiday to celebrate his birth. he is the ultimate symbol of hope. which everyone should feel a bit hopeful this time of year.

if you are having a hard time feeling the holiday cheer, try giving something away to someone. let me know if you feel the holiday cheer after you have spread it around a bit.

merry christmas everybody!