Tuesday, September 27, 2011

be proactive

What a difference being active in all things makes. If you have a problem with depression, self pity, or just laziness. Being proactive, even though it may be hard....it will help. I promise. There are 3 things that I want to specify on because I've tried them out and I know it works.

1. find a hobby, and stick with it.
I've played lacrosse for 5 years now, and it has been such a blessing in my life. I am confident in myself when I am out on the lacrosse field , and I am hold my lacrosse stick. Just this past week I built myself a lacrosse goal for my back yard (showing up above). This way anytime I feel any negative feelings, I can go out side and just shoot those thoughts away.

2. living clean
I have found that when my room is clean, my mind is clear. When my room is a mess, my mind is a mess. A restless mind can be exhausting! and it really isn't worth it. I feel more accomplished when my room is like it its here up above, than it is a mess, and looks like there has been a hurricane in my room!

3. scripture study
It's no lie. The lord loves his children.
He has given us the scriptures to learn of him, to abide in him, and to understand how to return back to him. Christ is the ultimate big brother. He know's us better than we know ourselves. Besides prayer, the scriptures are away to know what the lord wants from us during this life. He gives us words of comfort in the scriptures. I get the most comfort and peace when I read my scriputres. The scriptures also help me continue to have the desire to stay proactive that I may have a happy, healthy life.

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  1. Good post Michelle - thanks for sharing. I also think it helps that your hobby keeps you physically active. Exercise is HUGE for me when it comes to my mood. I feel so much better after a workout and I'm better able to deal with other people and problems in my life.