Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Old habits die hard

Studies show that it takes 20 days or so to create a new habit.

I've been trying new things lately. alot of things which are out of my comfort zone. I would really love for some of my new interests to become habits, namely...

1. waking up every morning by at least 8 (this will be hard to do seeing that I enjoy staying up late and sleeping in)
2. making my bed...guilty :)
3. excersicing in the morning rather than late at night like i normally do. Excersicing before anything else is a healthy way to start of the day. Because you're mind is energized, and it helps you make other healthy choices the rest of the day.

I could go on and on and on about new habits I want to start. however, I want to start off with just a few because if i try to change everything at once, nothing will change.

I've been thinking alot about how old habits die hard, and over coming temptation to go back is its own matter in itself...before I went out and ran Red Rock I was becoming very discouraged about my lifestyle, and self image, mainly because I have little habits in my day to day basics that put me down. I was getting so frustrated that i lost motivation...and then i was getting after people with no cause. i kept thinking of all the things i needed to change in my life, i got so overwhelmed i'd just do nothing about it, because i did not know where to start.

I have a friend out on his misson for the church right now in florida, who wrote me a letter recently. It's interesting how god works through others, with out them realizing...i had just gotten home from southern utah, when i got his letter. I've been praying for quite sometime about my frustrations about myself, and my silly habits, hoping that heavenly father would be so kind to give me guidence on how to take action.

The letter my friend wrote me was just like any other letter he usually writes me. one page. "hey how are ya's". explaning to me that he is going to kick my butt in lacrosse when he gets home. and then, out of the blue, he ended is letter...
Just remember small and simple things

All I could do was stare at the words which he poorfully chicken scratched on to the paper. Heavenly father answered my prayer, through my good friend on a mission. I knew what I had to do. start small, and do simple things. and eventually...i'll be where i want to be. I know everyone can be where they want to be if they just do small and simple things too.

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