Monday, September 12, 2011


This past weekend I ran in the Zion Red Rock Relay. I've already described this relay in the previous blog soo I'll just go with the flow here. Let me say this. MUST RUN IT AGAIN! I had the best team I could ever ask to run with. 187 miles gets you very friendly, and 2 hours of sleep in a 36 hour time frame can make you very crazy!

The beginning:  The start was at Brian Head Ski Resort. Our time to begin our 187 mile adventure was at 8:25 am. There were some crazy people there. Even a guy with a chicken suit on! Oh, and a guy with only very very short orange shorts on. eh....gross.

The in-between: The first legs my van and I ran we had some HORRIBLE weather. My team mate who passed off to me ran in rain, hail, and lightening. We literally watched lightening hit a tree 75 yards away from our van, and saw that top explode! tree chucks flew all over the road! Our runner outside was only another 25 yards, and she seriously began crying out her pleads to god! I would too!! I got the slap bracelet (aka baton) from my team mate, and began my run in ice cold wind which gave me a cold.

                   (This is me running into the exchange)

After all the sweat, lack of sleep, food, and tears...The team and I finally made it to Zion's National Park. from Ice cold weather at the running in 90+ Degree weather, We did it!! we ran the Red Rock!

I knew I was going to feel great after running this relay. But I didn't imaging it to be this good! I plan on running the Red Rock again next year, and some other races in between. God gave us beautiful surroundings. I was blessed enough to run through some of his master pieces. I did it!! Plus I got a spiffy medal and a SNOWCONE at the end!! mmm that was the best snow cone ever.
"It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves" Edmund Hillary

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