Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I just read the talk given by Jose L Alsonso during General Conference. Boy it was a good one, it got me thinking about how I am doing helping me fellow men. I just wanted to summarize his talk, because it was just sooo good!

Happiness is found through following Christ. Jesus is the ultimate example of service. We all have opportunities to serve. Many ask, what can we do to help? when is the right time? Jose L Alsonso simple stated, SIMPLY ACT. people don't care what we do, all they need is our determination. To know what to do and who to serve, pray to heavenly father for preparation. The Saviors love is for all! But he never forgets the "one". The Lord expects our devotion.

I really needed that talk at that moment. I've been getting too caught up in myself, and things for me that my attitude as been really crappy. I know that when we are serving, we are the happiest. I'm going to make it my goal to think less of me this week and more on others.

"Do the Right thing, At the right time, without delay!"

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