Monday, October 24, 2011

fall cabin trip 2011

Oct 20th

What an Adventure, we finally made it to the cabin. It took a couple hours longer but we finally made it. I'm so glad I am up here. the mountains, the air...sigh its so clean and crisp. LOVE IT. even though this is a work trip, I think it's the best vacation ever.

Oct. 21st

I'm going to be sore in the morning! today we did lots of work! well we did 1 very hard job. FIREWOOD. we needed to restalk our piles of logs. so we went up 4th of july creek to find fallen timber. it was my brother Dan, my dad, and I. we found some good timber so we cut up a few hugh pines in 6 ft logs, then loaded them up. and boy were they heavy! I say about 125 lbs each if not more. it took all my strength to load those beast up. we ended up making 2 trips, with 2 big loads of logs. Tomorrow we're boing to finish up the pathe from the front of the cabin to the side. I pray that I might I have strenghth for tomorrow...because I will be hurting.

I haven't gone out to meditate yet this trip. I would really like the opportunity to get away by myself for a moment while we are up here. Gods beauty sorruonds me. I would love the opportunity to draw near to him. I wish I knew my purpose here. and I why my thoughts always go to my brother Phillip who has past away and who I have never met. I'm not crazy to want to know him and constantly think about I?

I have so many unanswered questions about myself. I guess thats why I am getting a patriarchal blessing in a week. I should go to bed....I gots work to do in the mornin'!

Oct 22nd

...In less than 24 hours I'll be back home. This trip as gone by so fast! probably because we worked so hard. I had the opportunity to have a couple moments alone. nothing too great. but I did spend time with my brother and nephew. Family 1st right? they are the most important thing life.

There are things I struggle with, some days are harder than others. I have truely been trying. I pray heavenly father knows. there is improvement that needs to be done however...I know he loves me with a perfect love. I matter to him.

We are never done bettering ourselves. I love the cabin and the stillness. It reminds me that we are everything in the eyes of god. Dieter F Uchtdorf spoke on that in general conference, the title of his talk is "You matter to him". In the talk he reminded us that "the man", is nothing. what is man? we are the reason god created the universes. We are everything to God. we have a spark of eternal power. Life is only a small moment. there will always be conflict. Satan appeals to the pride of men. He also works through discouragement. Never get discouraged on your progress! What matters to God is that  we are doing the best we can. Spend your life doing good. You matter to him.

believe in him. do whats right.

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  1. First of all Michelle, you have such an insightful, amazingly deep spirit; I love that about you, and I love these blog posts of yours. are never-ever crazy to think about someone who is a part of you. Embrace the thought of him! He's probably with you more than you know and loves you very much.

    Your outlook on life is inspiring....I hope you keep sharing these thoughts of yours with everyone that comes into your life.