Monday, October 31, 2011

Rhyme or Reason

Such a good day!...well better anyways. Today I went to work, came home from work...and did nothing. And you know?...It's okay.

Last night I talked to a really good friend for an hour. I was soo overwhelmed with the idea that I had no plan of action with my life. And you know?...that's okay sometimes. It's okay not to know. I have an idea of a plan...and I would love to pursue it.
I want to coach lacrosse, and I want to  work and live up at Redfish Lake in central Idaho.
Both are very plausible. I am very anxious to know if I am able to do so, because I already know I am capable, and highly knowledgeable in both areas. Lacrosse. and Redfish.

I know my faith is being tested right now. and i recognize Satan is beating at my door harder than ever. I know i have a very important role in this life. I am ready to change. I want to succeed. I know I can do anything that is pleasing to God. I can have the spirit as a constant companion in this life if i have faith and a prayerful relationship with heavenly father.

I am so blessed to have pain and hardship...that i may have the opportunity to learn and grow from mistakes...also that i have the opportunity to actively use the atonement of my savior Jesus Christ.

Everyone has rhyme or reason.
people come into our lives for a purpose.
they never come early and they never come late.

I am grateful for ALL my life's adventures, and I am still young!! I am excited to know what's in store for me next!

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