Friday, October 28, 2011

reaction to action

It's true...things happen to us that we can control! Maybe a bad day at work. Maybe getting blown off. Possibly getting forced into an argument that you really don't care about. Losing a loved one, or torn relationships. Tragedy surrounds us, and sometimes it is out of our control. Our Reaction to these actions however, is in our control.

So, You had a bad day at the office did ya. Just remember the only thing that matters is your efforts. give all you can and work efficiently. still have problems? well its not your fault, so you shouldn't have to worry about. our reaction to unfortunate events is what people see as our character. good reactions = good character. bad reactions = bad character. at least in the work field. soo just smile and wave, and put a good show on if you're having a bad day.

Have you ever been blown off on any occasion? I have! It kinda sucks. ALOT. But! much as it might suck to be stuck in that sort of situation, think of your reaction, before you take action. alot of the time we just want to tear into the one who blew us off because they really hurt us...but you have to the ask the question "why?" why did they do that? always consider things from every angle! you don't know what kinda of day they were having..or what they might have gotten roped into at the last second. maybe some tragedy struck them ey?. the best thing to do is find out whats up and then react accordingly. it'll show that you are one heck of a friend. and if they don't see that...that's when you can rip into them. even though you should love everyone and forgive and forget...

Losing a loved one...every one's gotta die at some point, and eventually it will hit home. Every one's grieving processes is different. I know from experience that the best way to get through the grieving process is to be there for your other loved ones. and do not isolate yourself. isolation never solves anything. unless you're a crazy person...then yeah, it would a bit.

LOVE SUCKS. unless you're are happily married than congrats you've found true-love. unfortunately there is breaks up and divorce...and its not gonna go away. Just recently I went through a pretty big split. My boyfriend and I have been together for a year and a half. There was lots of history. We both knew it was time to end it. neither of us were happy and we couldn't continue like that. he was soo kind about the break up. and then he went on facebook and commented about how he was soo stoked to be single. and he forgot how much he loved being single. what is up with that? his reaction was kinda crappy. and it tore me apart. but then i have to think...what is this kid going through, that he wants to inflict this kind of emotional pain on me? we have been together for soo long and he said he didn't regret any of it and that it would take FOREVER for him to get over me...really buddy? sounded like you got over me pretty quick. My sister made a good comment to me the other night. "he probably is hurting right now, and he still cares about your feelings and he wants you to hurt like he is...he is probably just wanting a reaction from you."...
Long story short. take the high road in the relationship. because the higher you are, the better your partner will be, because you are looking now for something higher, bigger, and better

Quentin L Cook spoke in general conference on this very topic. Tragedy. to summarize that all up...
while we don't know why, we do know there is a plan.

...It is difficult just looking through the lens of mortal life. If we are insightful, and faithful we will receive great blessings. Many of us will go through sever trials.

1. heavenly father loves us
2. the atonement makes everything right
3. there is eternal life, and there will be reunions with those we have lost, and have gone on before us

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