Tuesday, August 16, 2011

pathetic pick up lines and my shut down answers

1. "Could I flirt with you?"...."No"
2. "Hey somebody farted! Let's get out of here"...."Yeah I farted, so you would leave."
3. "Excuse me, but what pick up lines work for you?"...."definately not that one"
4. "Hi, can I buy you a car?" ...."Sure! then I'll drive out of your sight"
5. "Do you have a boyfriend?...No?!.... would you like one?"...well when you want a MANfriend, come talk to me."...."Yes, I'll call you when I want a middle aged man, with a balding head, and a overly hairy chest. can you transplant some of that hair on to your head there bud?...nasty."
6. "Can I have directions, to you heart?"....yeah, straight down to the firey gates of hell, and take a left..i'll be holding on to the guard dogs that want to mawl your face off."
7. "Hi, are you legal?...no you're too hot to be legal"...."Here's my green card"
8. "I've gotta thirst baby, and you smell like my kinda Gatorade"..."Oh, I just drank the purple kind."
9. "Excuse me, you owe me a soda! because the moment I saw you I dropped mine."...."well, if you had bigger hands you wouldn't have a problem"
10. "Do you have a map? because I keep getting lost in your eyes" ...."yeah, here (pulling out an actual map) stare at that"

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