Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Create Yourself

I have been catching myself thinking about the people in my life a lot today. I Am at the age where everyone goes off their own ways in the world, whether it be college on the opposite side of town or nannying on the other side of the country. Life is all about closing and opening new doors and chapters. For me, its always been a struggle finding myself, and wondering what I am meant to do. I have wasted alot of opportunities waiting to find my way in this world. Life isn't about finding yourself, It's about creating yourself.
I apologize if this blog is random. But life is random. all my friends are leaving or are already gone. I'm going to miss you. here's a poem to my buddies far and abroad. I love you guys. and remember not to wait to find yourself, but take action and create yourself.


If you take some time everyday,
To think about the past,
Notice how your mind sways away,
To what you wish hadn't passed.

If you take some time everyday,
To wonder about what's coming,
Your future will always stray
From what you are becoming.

If you take some time everyday,
To regret all of your mistakes,
Then your past will go away,
And upcoming will be new aches.

If you take some time everyday,
To wish you had some more,
Then after, to your dismay,
You'll lose that open door.

If you take some time everyday,
To insult the ones who hurt you,
You'll never get a bouquet,
From those you know who loved you.

If you take some time everyday,
To read a simple poem like this,
And think, in a different way,
You'll see all that you have missed.

congrats to everyone and their upcoming endeavors. Don't look back, and don't regret. Keep your focus on the door ahead. though miles may lie between us we are never far apart. because friendship isn't measured by miles, it is measured by the heart. I love you guys. If I find out that any of my friends are living a life of regret. I'll kick your butt. only because I love you and want the most for you. :) Kia Kaha

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