Friday, November 25, 2011

what's life without...

What's life without some hard times? without hard times, i wouldn't know the easy ones when they came along. what's life with out some failure? without failure i wouldn't recognize my successes. what is life without some pain? without pain i wouldn't understand relief.

yesterday was thanksgiving, a time to reflect on what you are most grateful for. I had a hard time deciding on what I wanted to highlight this year, because i am a very grateful person for all i have. for the past couple weeks i've been hearing, and reading what my friends and family are thankful for. i have to say that all the people around in my life are truely amazing people. some were thankful for families, warm houses, food in their bellies! some reflected their gratitude towards the savior and his ultimate sacrifice.

recent events in my life, and also events in my friends life lead me to my decision of what i am thankful for of right now. and i'm going against the grain here.

i'm thankful for hardships

because without messing up in life, and causing pain or discomfort to myself...I wouldn't be able to recognize success, joy, and laughter! i take 2 steps forward, and slide 1 step back alot of the time, but i gotta remember i took one more step forward than i did back. without the trials in my life, i would not become the person heavenly father has planned for me.

which i guess is number 2 for what i am thankful for. with all my flaws and mess ups, there has to be a way to get up. I'm so thankful for my my brother jesus christ. we have some great teamwork. when i get pushed down, or i cause my own fall i know he is right there waiting for me to reach my hand up to take his hand so he can pull me back up. he knows my pain, and he knows my joys. he knows my weaknesses, and he knows my strengths. every day i thank heavenly father for giving up his son for us, so that we can fail, repent, and continue to press forward and create a life that heavenly father has planned for us.

i'm thankful

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